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Cactey is a Dark and Leaf Beast obtained at the beginning of the game.  

It has one evolution unlocked on level 25.  


Cactey is obtained at the very beginning of the game and acts as one the three starter Beasts.


Cactey appears to be a spherical cactus with two eyes on its face and an ellipsoid-shape cactus on the top of its head. The four balls of cactus around its body are its feet.

Its evolution resembles a cactus with four legs and a claw arm. It has two eyes located on its body and on its arm. It has a red flower on the top of its head.


Stats Lvl 5 Lvl 100 Lvl 150
Health 199
Attack 182
Speed 14.5
Defense 204


Move Element Level Unlock
Take Down Normal 1
Razor Leaf Leaf 1
Absorb Leaf 11
Dark Pulse Dark 23
Vine Whip Leaf 30
Night Shade Dark 42
Mega Drain Leaf 50
Phantom Force Dark 64
Solar Beam Leaf 70


  • This beast and its evolution were possibly based on DeviantArt user SNB-PLAZMATIC's piece, "cactEVO":