Cases are the Arena X variants of a Lootbox and within it, it will give you Skins for your Beasts or it can even give you new beasts for you to use!

How it works

You are able to buy Cases on any map for a set price depending on which case you buy, or get them from Codes. If within a case you get a duplicate Beast or Skin, You'll get 50% Cash of the original case cost. [Except for the Light Case, which gives you 100 Cash back.]

Types of Cases

Case Type Cost Possible Rewards
Regular Case 500 Coins Normal and Shiny Skins
Upgraded Case 1500 Coins Normal,Shiny and Gold Skins
Light Case 15 Robux Normal,Shiny,Gold,Rose and Shadow Skins
Shadow Case(?) ??? ???

The Shadow Case is not released yet, nor it has an official name.


  • The Light Case, due to an Error, Costed 12 Robux before it was quickly changed to 15 Robux.
  • The Light Case is the first case Buyable through Robux.
  • The Normal Case was the first Case added.
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