Arena X (ROBLOX) Wiki

Drapip is a Psychic/Dark Beast that can be obtained through their sticker, or through a case. It has 2 Evolutions.

Base Stats Lvl 5

Health: 167

Speed: 25.5

Attack: 212


Base Stats Lvl 20

Health: 242

Speed: 33

Attack: 287

Defense: 219

Base Stats Lvl 100

Health: 642

Speed: 73

Attack: 687

Defense: 619


Move Name Type Level Requirement
Take Down Normal 200
Hypnosis Psychic N/A
Crunch Dark 9
Psybeam Psychic 20
Dark Pulse Dark 29
Psychic Psychic 36
Psycho Cut Psychic 44
Psycho Boost Psychic 56
Hyperspace Warp Psychic 63


1st Evolution (Lvl 32)
Drapip evolution.PNG


  • Drapip is one of the original beasts that was out when the game just came out.
  • Two of its moves, Dark Pulse and Hyperspace Warp are broken. Dark Pulse will pretty much always one hit kill a target, or do big damage to a boss. Hyperspace Warp's effects are permanent, allowing for infinite speed and invisibility.