Arena X (ROBLOX) Wiki

About the Beast

Eydoe is a Psychic/Dark type Beast. It has two evolutions. It can be found by stickers or cases. Currently, it has no skins.

Base Stats

Attack: 212

Speed: 25.5

Health: 176

Defense: 144

Max Stats (Level 100)

Attack: 687

Speed: 73

Health: 651

Defense: 619


Name Level Type Effect approx. Cooldown
Take Down N/A Normal +25 speed, does damage on contact 10 sec
Hypnosis N/A Psychic Stuns enemy 8 sec
Crunch 9 Dark Shoots a small projectile. 5 sec
Psybeam 20 Psychic Shoots a beam attack. 5 sec
Dark Pulse 29 Dark Does damage in a small AOE around you. 7 sec
Psychic 36 Psychic Makes a damage cylinder at your cursor. 7 sec
Psycho Cut 44 Psychic Shoots blades at your cursor. 6 sec
Psycho Boost 56 Psychic Shoots a medium/large blast at your cursor. 6 sec
Hyperspace Warp 63 Psychic +25 speed, invisibility. 10 sec


1st Evolution (Lvl 26) 2nd Evolution (Lvl 50)
Eydoe 1.PNG
Eydoe 2.PNG


  • Hyperspace Warp is bugged and lasts permanently, allowing for infinitely stacking speed.
  • Dark Pulse does way more damage than it should.
  • Eyedoe has the exact same typing and moves as Drapip, though it may have different stats.