These are the Gamepasses you can purchase in Arena X.

More Gamepasses will be coming in the future, if so this page will be updated.

Along with that there a Donations to support the game.

Game Passes:

Gamepass Name Exclusives Description Reward Price
Charbot Beta Exclusive This is for all the players who didn't purchase a game pass in PL2 and want charbot.

Inactive in Arena X until 9/14/18

Charbot 500
Charbot Skin Pack Possibly Beta Exclusive This game pass gives you the Shiny, Shadow, Gold, Rose and Plasma skins for Charbot! ~NOTICE~ You must own charbot before purchasing this game pass. Shiny, Shadow, Gold, Rose and Plasma skins for Charbot. 500
Level 150 Cap N/A This badges lets you level your beasts up to level 150

Inactive until 9/14/18 update

The ability to level up to level 150. 500


Name Reward Price
R$10 Donation N/A 10
R$25 Donation N/A 25
R$50 Donation N/A 50

There might be Donation Badges /or rewards for Donating in the future.

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