Lurchin is a Water/Ground Beast obtained at the beginning of the game.

It currently has no evolution.


Lurchin is obtained at the very beginning of the game and acts as one the three starter Beasts.


Lurchin resembles an urchin with six pink legs and an eye as its only facial feature.


Stat Lvl 5 Lvl 100 Lvl 150
Health 185 660 ?
Speed 23.5 71 ?
Attack 179 654 ?
Defence 196 671 ?


Move Element Level Unlock
Take Down Normal 1
Water Gun Water 1
Rock Blast Ground 13
Water Pulse Water 20
Rock Tomb Ground 28
Muddy Water Water 36
Ancient Blast Ground 45
Aqua Rush Water 56
Earth Power Ground 63
Hydro Pump Water 70
Hydro Cannon Water 78


  • This beast is based on DeviantArt user BummerForShort's piece, "Lurchin and Armine":

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