Arena X (ROBLOX) Wiki

PvP mode is a mode with a much different map from Roleplay Mode and Tournament Mode. In PvP mode, you can battle bosses or other players whenever you like, with no restrictions. During the release, The PVP Map and The Roleplay Map had the same map.

About the Map


This is the map, for now, we have two islands, four areas and three spawns.

The first spawn is near the shop and portals part.

The second spawn is near The Ghost House.

and the third spawn is at Lava Area.

In PvP mode, you have a big Arena, to battle with bosses. When you kill a boss, they give you three things, some Money, the boss sticker and they have a rare chance to give you an aura. These bosses are SykwrathSandoom , Aphitious and Draykorn

Map Areas and Islands

Well, as I said, Arena X just have four areas and two islands, and they are:

the -Main Area/Island -

the - Ice Area/Island -

the - Lava Area/Island -

and the - Candy Area/Island -


This page still WIP, be free to add more things about the map.

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