Arena X (ROBLOX) Wiki

The Beast Market is the place in tournament and pvp mode where you can buy certain things through the in-game cash, or Robux.

Beast Market

Buy Cash

Buy Cash is a part of the Beast Market where you can buy the in-game cash using Robux.


Donations are a part of the Beast Market where you can give Robux to the creators, to help them develop the game. In the future, if you donate them Robux, you'll get exclusive Beasts. Gamepasses also show up in the Donations tab.

Island Passes

There are none yet.


There are currently 11 Auras, and those are: Regular Aura, Fire, Grass, Ground, Dark, Thunder, Poison, Ghost, Psychic, Dragon, and Space

Skill Boost

Skill Boost are a part of the Beast Market when you buy certain items to help you in the game. These items currently are: Double EXP and Double Rewards. They both last for thirty minutes.


Items/Gems are a part of the Beast Market where you buy Gems and Helpful Items. Gems that there are on there currently are: (x3)Level Gem, Fire Gem, Water Gem, Leaf Gem, Thunder Gem and Shadow Gem, They help Beasts Evolve. The Helpful Items are: Level Gems, which level you up fast, Heal Potion and Stamina Potion, which fill up your health/stamina bar instantly.

Case Shop


The Current beasts that you can buy are: Spiritie [10 PvP Coins], Pelo [5 PvP Coins] and Doomstone [15 PvP Coins]


The Current Cases you can buy are: Regular Case, Upgraded Case, Light Case, and Shadow Case(?).

Ingame Currency

You get the Ingame Currency, or Cash, through: Leveling up, buying it with robux, or by defeating bosses.