Spiritie is a Ghost/Fire Beast that you can obtain through buying it from the shop. It has 2 Evolutions.

It costs 10 PVP Coins.


Health: 190

Attack: 190

Speed: 19.5

Defense: 176

Max stats (Lvl 100)

Health: 665

Attack: 665

Speed: 67

Defense: 651


Move name Type Level requirement
Astonish Ghost N/A
Ember Fire N/A
Confuse Ray Ghost 10
Flamethrower Fire 21
Omnious Wind Ghost 32
Will-O-Wisp Fire 40
Phantom Force Ghost 52
Heat Wave Fire 59
Fusion Flame Fire 70


1st Evolution (Lvl 28) 2nd Evolution (Lvl 50)
Spiritie evolution.PNG
Spiritie evolution 2.PNG


  • It originally costed 750 Cash before PVP Coins were Released.
  • It's the First Beast that you could buy from the shop.
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