Update Log

This Page is showing all past updates for Arena X and what Date they had been released on.New Updates come every Friday, Saturday or Sunday!


- Rising Lava/Ice boss attacks have been fixed! -

- New Ice/Dragon boss named Icefuris has been added! -

- Minta has been added as a new beast! You can unlock him by solving the puzzle in the underwater caverns! -

-Main island got a little map expansion along with a few new secret places to explore!


- New code "DATASTORE2" will give you ten free cases!


- New code "?" coming out Saturday night!

- New code "?" coming out Friday night!

- Evolutions have been added to Eeti(+1) and Trapyte(+2)! (11/9/18)

- Cuppyque has been added into the game as new beast! You can find him at the Candy Land in the sky! (11/9/18)

- Mobile gameplay has been improved! You will no longer run into the issue of not being able to jump or walk! (11/9/18)


- Boss rewards have been fixed and will now give you the boss/cash(11/5/18)


- New map expansion coming soon! (11/3/18)

- This game now runs on DataStore2, when you join your old stats will be updated into the new datastore! DataStore2 also prevents data loss so that will soon be an issue of the past!(11/3/18)

- Party mode has been added! Search and join a party with your friends and your attacks won't deal damage to eachother!(11/3/18)


- Auras have been added into the game! Auras will boost your beast's attack, defense, speed and HP! (10/26/18)

-The PvP map has been replaced with an all new terrain map!(10/26/18)

-All bosses in PvP now spawn in the battle arena! They also have a chance of dropping rare auras!(10/26/18)

-5 new beasts were added(10/26/18)

-stickers now spawn in an area that relates to their type, for example, you can find a fire type beast in a fire/lava area! (10/26/18)


- 6 new beasts have been added!

- The halloween boss is out! His name is Draykorn!

- Bosses will now randomly spawn into the game, there is a slight chance they will spawn as their "Halloween" theme skin!


- Tournament mode has been added! Go to the shop spawn to enter tournament mode! Winner gets a PvP coin and 15 cash!

- Spiritie has been added along with 2 evolutions! You can purchase him at the case shop!


- Sandoom has been added into the game as the 3rd boss!

- two new stickers have been added! (Ano and Volkato)

- RP mode is now open!


- Etufo's moves have been added into the game!

- An evolution for Flit has been added!


- Upgraded and Light cases have been added into the Case Shop!


- Move lists have been added to Drapip Nobelisk and Mislemoth!

-Demil gets 2 new evolutions

- Cases


Aphitous Comes out as the games Second boss


Fixed the stickers spawning on one spot.


Game Beta Launches

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